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BYA Pricing
Here at BYA we offer several different scenarios in which you can use the facility. Listed below are the basic pricing for the various uses.
Coin operated pitching lanes.
 We have four fully automatic coin operated pitching lanes. All lanes take one $2.50 token for 20 pitches purchased from our coin machine or the front desk. All lanes exclusively use Juggs “Sting Free” dimpled balls which reduce the sting of a miss-hit ball and dramatically reduce wear and can be safely used with the new and expensive composite bats that are in use today. All lanes can be rented for private or team use for $25.00 per half hour or $45.00 per hour.
Lane #1         37 mph Baseball or 50 mph Softball
Lane #2         45 mph Baseball or 40 mph Softball
Lane #3         55 mph Baseball or 60 mph Softball

Lane #4         70 mph Baseball or Slow Pitch High Arc Softball
Professional coaching lanes
BYA has four private professional coaching lanes that are available for rent by the ½ hour ($25.00) or hour ($45.00).
Our exclusive 3500sq ft. open play field can be reserved for $85.00 per hour for Soccer/Lacrosse teams or $100.00 per hour for baseball/softball teams. The $100.00 option includes a coin operated batting lane so your coaches can rotate players in for hitting while you are working ground balls, throwing or running other fielding/fitness drills. For a 12 player team this equates to approximately $8.00 per athlete....a great value!
Local professional coaches can reserve and use lanes for one on one instruction at substantially discounted rates. Please contact front desk for details at (805) 370-1025.
Other services
BYA is the distributor for many of the items our local players, teams and coaches need on a daily basis. Our Pro Shop either has in-stock or can get virtually anything baseball or softball related within one or two days at the most competitive price around!
Need uniforms? BYA can handle that for you right now! Call us for details.
BYA is always changing and improving....Our customer lounge area has a big screen TV with Direct TV HD. This room is great for doing homework and Wi-Fi is already available. Teams and leagues will also be able to have their team/board meetings at BYA as well, just ask at the front desk. We also offer TUTORING!
Stay tuned as things are always changing here at BYA!